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If you want to know what amazing things you can do at this Discussion Board, please read below.

Take some time to read everything, so you know how everything works here.

First of all:
Welcome! It's great that you joined this wikia, we're happy to have you here.
I'm a MOD at this Discussion Board, that means that I'm trying to help users, delete/lock posts when they are inappropiate or spam and I'm trying to make this wikia a place with rules but mostly with a lot of fun.
If you want to know more about the other active MODs press their name below and read their bio:


If we locked your post, it's because it doesn't create a Phoenix Files wiki discussion. We don't want to be mean to you, we just want this wikia to still be organized.
Other members can still see your post, so they know that you've joined and all new user posts will be left open for 12 Hours to allow fellow members to leave welcome messages.

Please read the guidelines, so you won't have any complications with us or other users:

If you have any questions to us, ask them here:

Here are some words explained, often used in the wikia:

OT -> There is one OT post, where you can talk about everything. OT stands for "off-topic". You can easily find friends there and you can just chat about everything. (You are only allowed to talk about none-PF-related stuff on the OT post)

MOD -> I've already explained that above.

If you see that someone does something against the rules, please report the post. (you just need to push the button in the upper-right corner)
It would be a big help for us if you'd report posts which are against the rules. (don't be scared, the person who's post you reported, won't see that you were the one whp reported it)

Things you can do here: Talk about The Phoenix Files (obviously), find new friends at the OT post, and much, much more!

We are happy that you joined and we hope you'll have a great time here!
For questions, ask us on the post which I mentioned at Point 4.
I hope to see you around!

~~~~MOD NOTE- (Used a lot of the Harry Potter wiki Welcome message words, it was great!)